About Binflux
Binflux was established in 2017, focusing on creating the next generation of IVF software solutions. The team is passionate and determined to define "Tomorrow's IVF Software."

We not only continuously strive to enhance product functionality but also place a strong emphasis on user-friendliness, aiming to provide the best possible experience for users.

As of now, Binfliux's products have garnered close to 30 medical institution clients in Taiwan and Singapore. This includes key institutions with significant treatment volumes, resulting in a total record of usage spanning tens of thousands of treatment cycles. Binflux has secured a leading position in the local market.

We understand that, following digital transformation, the system becomes an indispensable tool for daily operations in IVF centers, highlighting its significance. Therefore, in addition to pre-implementation consulting services, we equally prioritize post-sales service to ensure customers achieve sustained success after product deployment.

Core Value
Trust, customer success and Innovation

At Binflux, we put our values into everything we do. Binflux has three core values.

• Trust—Trust is our number one value. Nothing is more important than the trust of our customers—clinics, labs, and patients, and stakeholders. We deliver trusted software solutions and communicate openly.
• Customer Success—We know that we succeed when our customers succeed, so since day one, we have built a company around delivering customer success.
• Innovation— Both assisted reproductive technology and information technology are fields with rapid changes, we incorporate the latest innovations into our products so that our customers can stay ahead in the fertility industry.