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We expect to further improve healthcare delivery of fertility practices by integrating laboratory, clinical, and administrative operations into a single platform.

Core Value of Binflux
Every job is a self-portrait of those who did it. Autograph your work with quality.

Benefits of Infans EMR Implementation

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Reduce 5-7 times

Paper usage for experimental data

Automatic integration and generation capabilities help embryologists to reduce paper usage by five to seven times (each cycle).

Shorten 92 %

Time for querying historical medical records

Physicians can query test reports through Infans EMR and reduce inquiry time from an average of 2 hours to 5 minutes (each outpatient).

Shorten 90 %

Output statistical reports through one-click

Through data intelligence, Infans EMR helps the fertility center to shorten the time of manual calculating statistical reports from 7 to 10 days to 1 day.

Shorten 80-88 %

Output HPA (Health Promotion Administration) declaration through one-click

Time of weekly declaration is shortened from 64 to 8 hours per month. Time of quarterly declaration is shortened from 60 to 10-15 days.

Shorten 30 times

Consent form and certificate upload

Through Infans EMR, sign the consent form online and upload the photo as well as certificate once and for all.

Infans® Comprehensive Digital Solution

We believe in developing a cutting-edge solution with optimal UI/UX and data intelligence enable healthcare providers of the fertility centers to focus on the more important things: their patients and practices.