A special souvenir on the Taiwan tour, to realize your dreams of having a baby - Binflux engages in
Apart from its beautiful landscape and varieties in food options, Taiwan with its reputation in high quality medical service has attracted more than 200,000 patients abroad every year. Taiwan has high success rate in IVF treatment with affordable price and professional fertility centers across the island, it is becoming the highlight of medical and health tourism.

Binflux is honored to be invited by the Government of Taoyuan City (the gate of Taiwan), to participate in the 2019 International Tourism Medical Forum, as representative of the software industry, to share our insights and the future challenges of reproductive medicine in the digital era, and its relation with medical tourism. We are hoping that the join efforts among healthcare providers, industry, government, and academia institutes will bring more overseas patients to Taiwan and make them be benefit from our high quality medical services, to stimulate the economy of Taiwan!